Jailbreak Tweak: OwnSlide Allows Customization Of “Slide To Unlock” Txt


OwnSlide is an upcoming new tweak that will be available for purchase via the cydia store for 99 cents. OwnSlide allows the customization of the “Slide To Unlock” text on your lockscreen allowing a bit more customization of your iOS device. In the jailbreak world it’s the little things that matter and OwnSlide is a great example.

So who’s already thinking of creative slide to unlock phrase?


  • S

    The phrase should be, save your money and download springtomize,

  • Dan

    “Touch the Clunge!!”

  • GIRG

    I used to have a tweak like this for IOS 3, but it stopped working for 4. Good to see there’s a new one out! Having a go with this!