Jailbreak Tweak: ‘Send My Location’ Allows You To Quickly SMS Your Location


Your partying at a house, meeting up for an affair, or maybe just having dinner at your local eatery and yet there is always one problem.. Your friend can never find you and your stuck giving directions over the phone.

Send My Location a new jailbreak tweak recently released in Cydia allows you to sms your exact location with the touch of a button. SML automatically inserts a Google Maps link into your text message so all your friend has to do is tap the link and just like magic your location is known and you can carry on.

You can download Send My Location for free via the bigboss cydia repo.


Send My Location allows you to quickly send your current location directly from Messages.app. Indeed it replaces the Edit button by a Send Location button which will open a compose panel. Location is written as an URL that will open Maps.app.