Jailbreak Tweak: SiriLaunch – Button On Notification Centre To Launch Siri


SiriLaunch is a tweak that allows you to access Siri via a button icon in your Notification Centre.  The tweak places a Siri microphone at the bottom of your Noticiation Centre drop down page that allows you to launch Siri without the need to press and hold the home button.

The tweak is pretty nifty and is very useful for those of you who’ve lost your home button functionality, or are starting to lose it.  It’s also good for those of you who use Siri regularly or just love to hammer Siri every day, meaning you’ll preserve your home button functionality.


The position of the icon can be configured in a settings app allowing you to position the icon anywhere along the bottom of your screen.  It requires iOS 5 or higher and also Siri capability or Spire.


SiriLaunch is available from the Cydia store for FREE, so download it now and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more jailbreak news and tweaks.


Apple Addict