Jailbreak Tweak: SwipeSiri – Dismiss Siri By Swiping Up


Do you wish you had another way to dismiss Siri instead of always having to press the home button?  Think it’s not cool enough that you can’t have another function for dismissing Siri?


SwipeSiri, created by Ron Melkhior, is a new tweak in Cydia that allows you to dismiss Siri by swiping up.  The tweak works in both full screen and half screen Siri modes and is a great little edition to your iPhone tweak collection, especially if you’re a fan of Zephyr.

The tweak doesn’t install any icons on your home screen or the settings app, once installed it’s fully integrated into iOS and ready to go.  Just swipe open Siri and use her, then when you’re done just swipe up.


SwipeSiri is available from the Cydia store for FREE, so try it out now and tell us what you think in the comments section below.


Apple Addict