Jailbreak Tweaks: Lyrics – Get Any Lyrics For Any Song Immediately


For you song buffs out there who love to listen to your favourite songs but wish you knew what some of the lyrics were (especially when you can’t hear them very well), a new tweak will give you the solution.  angelruiz had released Lyrics, which allows you to search for any lyrics of any song.


Lyrics is an app from the Cydia store that places a simple GUI app on your home screen, allowing you to search for the lyrics of a song by author or by song title.  The tweak opens up a web interface with a list of all the songs that you may want to check the lyrics for, you then select ‘lyrics’ to the right of the song you like and hey presto, the lyrics appear on screen in front of you.  It gets even better than this, you’ll notice in the top left hand corner of any of the lyrics that there’s a small YouTube video box.  If you click on this it will open up YouTube on your iPhone and play the song that you searched for – really awesome for all music lovers.  Once you’re done with your lyrics you can either perform another song search from a search bar at the top of the page, or press the blue ‘back’ button to get you back to the original home page.

The speed at which the app works and the ease of use makes this a great little app to have, and what’s more is you can download Lyrics for FREE from the Cydia store.

Try it out and see how easy and awesome it is to use, let us know what you think below!


Apple Addict