Jailbreakers Beware, Do Not Upgrade To iOS 6 If You Want To Keep Jailbreak


BigBoss the owner and maintainer of one of the main Cydia repositories when you jailbreak your device has given out a warning regarding iOS 6.

Jailbreakers be warned that if you are currently using a jailbroken iOS device upgrading to iOS 6 will wipe your hack and you will lose all 3rd party cydia apps and tweaks installed.

A tethered jailbreak is currently available for older generation devices starting from the iPhone 4 and under. The jailbreak is currently in beta testing and will not be officially released until all bugs have been ironed out. Until then iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPhone 4S owners will have to wait for hackers to find exploits and officially jailbreak iOS 6 for newer A5 chip devices.

Beware that Apple’s iOS 6 update can and will be pushed OTA (over the air) so do not accept and install the update if your jailbroken. You will have an ugly update badge on your settings app but a simple cydia tweak can make it disappear.

BigBoss States:

Jailbreakers: Do not upgrade to iOS6 until a jailbreak is released. You will lose all your jailbreak!

iOS 6 is a total dud. I think it’s by far the worst major upgrade Apple has ever provided. It’s more like a 5.1.2 than a 6.0. Let’s take a look at the major differences moving to iOS6 from iOS 5.

1) Removes youtube
2) Removes google maps.
3) Adds apple maps. No street view, no transit directions. Remember, google has been doing maps a long time. No way apple is doing it as well in a few months.
4) Adds what? Facebook integration, ViP mail, do not disturb? iOS 5 users, you can get “do not disturb” functionality with “ringerx vip” in cydia.

This is definitely not worth an upgrade. And if you are jailbroken on iOS5 definitely do not upgrade to this. You will lose your jailbreak and that’s definitely not worth it for this.

Speaking of disappointments, the iPhone 5 seems equally disappointing. The screen is a little bigger – that’s great. The device is a little faster, also neat. But the change of the dock is huge. How many devices do you plug your iphones into? iHome, car, chargers. All this requires new cables and all these devices stop working. In my home I have 5 docks for charging in various rooms, a car deck with an iPod cable coming out of it. All this becomes useless if I buy an iPhone 5. I’ll stick with iPhone 4s another year.