Jailbreakers Beware, JailbreakMe.com No Longer Safe For Jailbreaking


The iPhone Dev Team has announced the sell out of jailbreakme.com. Jailbreakme was a website that could jailbreak your iOS device in seconds by simply pointing your safari browser to the url.

Be warned jailbreakme.com will no longer jailbreak your iOS device and can possibly be used for malicious purposes. iPhone Dev Team is currently setting up another site that will replace jalbreakme at http://jailbreaks.me.

Musclenerd recentl tweeted:

the new owner of jailbreakme.com is absolutely unknown, untrusted, and unsafe..in perfect place for iPhone malware everything jailbreakme.com used to host will soon be on jailbreaks.me. Don’t trust jailbreakme.com anymore (seriously) it’s the worst kind of sellout by @ConceitedApps. They didn’t even give us a chance to migrate actual jailbreakers