Leaked iPhone 5 Glass Panel Shows Bigger Screen?


Leak this leak that yeah yeah we’re all getting use to it but it’s exciting to see some of these ideas floating around and finally something we’re hoping for may happen. Apple’s next generation iphone may be getting a bigger screen which is probably their next best move since all smartphones nowadays are getting 4 inch screens.

9To5Mac States:

Apple is said to be working on a “completely re-designed” iPhone for debut in Summer 2011 with a four-inch display to take on the larger screens found on some of the latest smartphones running Google’s Android operating system. Apple’s next generation iPhone is said to cost less and might feature a new integrated SIM card to be easily configurable on any supported carrier. The iPhone 5 may also carry an upgraded A4 processor, already dubbed the A5 chip, in addition to a new Gobi WWAN chip already found in the Verizon iPhone, designed to work on both CDMA and GSM networks.

The purported iPhone digitizer (above) also appears to have a thinner bezel on all sides: right, left, top, and bottom. This matches up well with a well-sourced report claiming that the next smartphone from Apple will feature an edge-to-edge display.


  • deltabell

    the camera has also been moved the the right hand side

  • adam

    Proven fake, look at the 3 dots on the left side, copy and pasted

  • Steve Jobs

    Is it that time already? We’re not going through this already!

    The iPhone 5 will be the same as last years. I’m just gonna make it faster, with no antennagate, and the front camera will be better quality