Lifeproof iPhone 4 Case Makes iPhone 4 Usable Under Water


So you go to the beach and don’t know whether to pull out your sleek no scratches iPhone 4 because it may get sand in it or even worse it could get wet.  Introducing the LifeProof iPhone 4 case, this bad boy is designed with Military specs along with it being waterproof.

If your a water person or just an outdoors adventurer then LifeProof for iPhone is your ticket to peace of mind. Wait it only gets better, the case isn’t a huge otter-box like you would expect. The case weighs less than an ounce and only adds 1/16th of an inch to your iPhone 4.

You can start braving the elements with Lifeproof for a price of $69.95, go get yours today HERE.

Tuaw Reports:

LifeProof requests that you first assemble and test the case without the iPhone 4 inside it to make sure that you know to assemble it properly, ensuring a proper seal. The test is done in a sink with something holding down the case for an hour or so. If it’s dry inside after that hour, the test has been passed and you’ve obviously taken great care to assemble the case properly. If not, read the directions again.

How do they keep everything nicely sealed up? There’s a thin yellow gasket that goes around the inside of the area where the front and back halves of the case snap together. For the earphone jack, there’s a rubber plug that screws into the case where the jack goes — but you also get a special cable that can be used to safely use waterproof earphones with the LifeProof case. At the bottom of the case near the dock connector is a special door that latches shut.

What about the speakers on the iPhone 4? There are two ports for the speakers, both of which are covered with waterproof Gore-Tex material. They’re thin enough to let sound pass through unimpeded, but won’t let water seep in. The iPhone 4′s rear-facing camera is protected by a small piece of optical glass to allow good photography while keeping the case sealed, and there’s also a sealed opening for the flash. The screen is covered with a thin plastic membrane that provides a seal against water, but lets your multi-touch gestures pass through unimpeded.


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