Lose Your iPhone, Lose All Your Personal Passwords In Minutes


Some pretty cool geeks have figured out a way to extract your keychain data from your passcode locked iphone in minutes. Although it sounds bad it more that likely won’t happen to you. The ‘keychain’ file holds all of your passwords you’ve typed into your iphone such as email passes, passcode lock, etc.

So lets say you lose your iphone and someone finds it, normal folk don’t have enough knowledge to pull this kinda stuff. Why you say?

First you must jailbreak the idevice, then you must run a special script that extracts the data out of the most important file in your system that holds all your passwords called ‘Keychain’. This is more likely for those IT security guys that help with police investigations and not the average thief or civilian.


  • santana

    WTF are this guy talking about, if i loose my phone the last thing some one would want is my password all they want is the them phone..