Lost 70 Min Interview of Steve Jobs Surfaces, Includes Out-takes


A lost never before seen 70 minute interview with Steve Jobs has recently surfaced and is to hit select theaters soon. The movie will be called “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” and features the obvious Steve and journalist Robert Cringley.


9To5Mac Reports:

The film, which is described as the “best TV interview Jobs ever gave,” will screen at select Landmark Theaters in 19 U.S. cities on November 16 & 17.

The footage was originally filmed for the “Triumph of the Nerds” PBS miniseries, but was lost when the master tapes disappeared in shipping. Only ten minutes of the footage were aired during the series, but an unedited copy of the entire interview was recently found in London and has been restored and enhanced. The interview is described as “a moment in time” because it shows Apple’s co-founder during his ‘wilderness years.’

The film is produced by Paul Sen and is not yet rated.