Mac OSX Lion 3D?


Ok, so if you have been keeping up at all with the new Mac Operating System that is currently in the works, entitled: Lion, and also if you haven’t, then right now your in for some pretty cool news. Appropriately named, the Lion version of the 10th Operating System Apple has pushed out to us is going to be the most powerful, most seamless, most intuitive, and… most3D? Well not exactly. The release of Mac OS X Lion will debut a new development framework called Scene Kit, which developers say will support easy to implement 3D rendering within their apps. Recently, the news has come by way of a developer who’s familiar with Lion. He mentioned that the “Kit” (lol) will support the import, manipulation, and rendering of three dimensional assets. This leaves the complex part of developing the 3D graphics for the apps fully under the control of the developer. In my opinion, this is pretty cool. It is nice to see that Apple is getting it’s foot in the door with 3D. With this developer kit being discovered, it seems inevitable that a 3D capable screen has to be on it’s way from Apple too. So what do you guys think? Do you like this idea? Do you think it’s cool Apple is letting the developers do all the 3D graphics? Do you not even care about 3D? Is it a waste of your time and other people’s money? Leave a comment down below.

Grace and Peace

Ya Bul J.A.V.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t like your name. And what’s this grace and peace thing?

  • King

    / wow hater in the building, i think it’s cool apple is starting 3D support

    • J.A.V.

      lol wow, um that first comment was pretty… interesting lol… but uh YEAH King, I agree, I also think it’d be nice to see this as a feature in the upcoming iPads more than the iPhones

  • Virale

    I guess 3D is welcome, seems to me thats the tendency now a days, and Apple isn't gonna stay behind as usual!


    tbh guys I think 3D is going to be like minidisc, it'll be here for a while but i dont think it will take off. 3D isn't as effective unless you are wearing glasses (the screens are not that good, they just give some depth).

  • Itsme

    Whats the date again?

    • J.A.V.

      the date to what?