Major Bug In iPhone 4


Today was suppose to be that special day, the day I receive my iphone 4 one day early but it came at a cost. Getting an iPhone 4 early isn’t all that great after all if your camera app doesn’t work, one of the main features including face time and hd video recording are not available to me due to a major software glitch. As you can tell from the video above the camera on my iPhone 4 is useless.

Every time I open the camera app it freezes the iphone and causes it to reboot. This happens everytime after several restores, setting up as new iphone and anything else I could think of. I open up the camera app, tap anywhere on the screen to auto focus or to switch to the front camera and it freezes for a couple secs and reboots every single time, it never fails. If any of you guys are having problems like this leave a comment, telling me about your experience or any bugs you have experienced.


  • tyler

    yeaaa mine to damn it

  • SoSly

    Yeah kinda sucks having the main feature of the iphone which is all camera based not work.

  • Santana

    Solsly it look like it happen after u use ur current location that it freez. Im going for my 2moro want to make sure i check it before i leave the store.good luck with ur exchange

    • SoSly

      Its not the location because I went 60 miles away to an apple store and let them play with the iphone 4 and they could not figure anything out, all they were doing was pretty much stalling trying to play with it i could tell.. like 5 different people tried to help me until the genuis bar manager came and gave me his card and told me to fill out some stuff for info but I declined and left pretty annoyed.. Im going tomorrow to get my reserved iphone 4 in store and im going to get this one replaced also.

  • Arti

    So it is a hardware glich, stop being a cry baby, you gonna get your new phone in couple days, … at least apple doesn’t treat you like Motorola, I had to wait for a stupid Droid replacement almost 2 months.


  • Anthony

    im having the same problem except my camera works then when i tap to focus it freezes. and i see a purple Tint that pops out of the left hand corner. sucks

  • SoSly

    Well just take your iPhones back and get a new replacement, took me about 30 mins since they couldn’t figure out if it was just a simple swap or retail swap.. Idk confused me too

  • Vajoiner

    they must know who you are :P

  • Deljuan

    Mine works fine, doesn’t freeze at all on front or back camera or when I tap to focus. I’ve taken pics and shot video with no problem.

  • mntx

    Same here. I’ve never had a phone as buggy as this. One more problem and I’m returning it.

  • rmmd

    Had the same problems with crashing, even fresh out of the box or after a wipe and update it crashes when doing photos or video… Not very impressive at all