Make Your iPhone 4 Glow With iColor Wraps


The style gurus at iColor Wraps have created the one thing that iPhone 4 has been missing. It’s that familiar glow in the dark magic that will make drunk dialing at night twice as much fun as it was before.

This latest color wrap sensation transforms any regular iPhone 4 into a glow stick party animal all night long. The makers of iColor Wraps also loosely suggest that their thin designer vinyl strip, acts as an insulator against hand-held signal loss when applied correctly.

Expect to pay $7.00 for one wafer thin wrap that’s available in a rainbow of colors. A feeling of smug superiority comes free upon delivery no matter how much you “death grip” your iPhone.

Give iPhone 4 the kind of cheesy glow in the dark goodness that Steve Jobs never imagined possible.



  • andrewnmartinez

    rainbow faggot for sosly! :) lol jk

    • SoSly

      Haha I was thinking rainbow or pink for case slim Brikz and Andrew. My queers

  • Bryan

    i got one of these in the mail and they are absolutaly fantastic.
    first of all, who doesnt want a cell that glows in the dark?
    second of all, i got three entire wraps incase it breaks.
    thirdly, and most importantly, it got rid of the death grip!
    NO LIE.
    it covers the little metal antenna, and theirs no more problem!
    i suggest all iphone 4 owners buy this!

  • twan

    will this work for the new iphone 5?