Mr. Blurrycam takes new iPhone’s features for a test drive?



There are two sides to this coin, the way we see it. On the one hand, the handful of pictures that have just popped over on UMPC Fever demo many of the features we’re expecting to see in new iPhone hardware this summer — magnetic compass, autofocus camera, video recording capability, and a battery percentage meter in the status bar. On the other hand, having a good feel for those rumored features makes it that much easier to mock up ridiculously blurry shots of ‘em in action. The compass seems a little overdone, but then again, it’s not necessarily out of place considering the direction Apple has taken its voice recorder app in 3.0, so we’re going to play the cautiously optimistic diplomat here and say these could very well be real.

Update: We’ve swapped the top pic and added some larger, clearer looks after the break. It’s possible that we might be looking at two new variants of iPhone hardware here. Note the difference in styling between the phone on the right and the phone on the left? Well, if we’re to believe what we’ve heard about the future of the line, these could be the first photos of what Apple has in store for WWDC. The model on the right might easily be that matte version we’ve heard about… but that thing on the left? We have no idea, though it would be an insane move on a counterfeiter’s part to fake something so bizarre. What we mean is: it’s almost too weird to be fake.

Via Engadget