Muggers Don’t Want Android, Tend To Go For iPhone Owners


It is being reported that thieves tend to go for iPhone owners more than blackberry and Android owners. According to NBC New York muggers often go for those with iOS devices because of a higher resale value on the streets.

Recently picky thieves have been targeting students in the upper Manhattan area and apparently only want iPhones. A student who recently got mugged was surprised when he told the robbers all he had was an Android, they instead demanded cash.

NBC New York Reports:

A pair of would-be robbers targeting Columbia students in upper Manhattan seem to be rather picky as they prowl. Twice at 526 114th St., and once at 556 114th St., the suspects demanded the victims hand over their iPhones, police said. The first victim complied, but the second only had a Droid, according to police. The thieves apparently didn’t want a Droid — so they took cash instead.

While most would say “iPhone is better than Android”,  in this case having an iPhone might get your robbed. Be careful where you flash your shiny new gadget because you never know who’s watching.


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    lol even homeless people throw em away