New 9-Pin Dock Connector To Improve Sync Time


The new iPhone has long been said to be getting a new dock connector. The 30-pin dock connector your used to seeing could be a thing of the past and may be being replaced by a 9-pin mag-safe like connector similar to that of Apple’s Macbook.

The new 9-pin connector is said to support faster data transfer rates meaning faster sync times for iOS devices. The new connector will also be able to be plugged up in any orientation.

No long will you have to struggle to figure out the right way to plug in your iOS device. Appleinsider Reports:

The 8 gold contacts seen on one side of the male plug in recently leaked photos of the connector are simply repeated on the flip side. They’re reportedly joined by the surrounding aluminum-colored metal shell of the connector, which will similarly serve as a functional contact, bringing the total number of pins to 9.

The new connector will also deliver a number of welcomed enhancements for consumers, according to people familiar with the design, one of which will be its orientation independence when plugged into any one of Apple’s future iOS devices.