New Website Same Posts


I have made a new site, go check it out and get it up and lively looking with users going to it :) . It took me quite a while so I wouldn’t mind some suggestions if you guys have any to make it a better experience. I will continue to update this and that site with the exact same content, its just up to you guys which layout you prefer and like. This was all for my readers who keep this site alive full of comments and won’t let it die down

Website changed adress due to legal issues


  • ZuZ

    pwnmyiphone's layout is much better than this one.

    but if i were you i would take my precautions, coz apple might send you a letter concerning the usage of the term iphone and pwn together.. just like what happened with modmyiphone!

    keep up the good work :) i am a daily visitor

  • slymik

    I am looking for simple layout, so this is for me. Carry on with the good job! This is one of the few good iPhone websites that i visit regularly -)

  • ploopploop

    Nice new layout! My suggestion is that for a site that is a blog and the fact that it's articles being released, I would suggest keeping the content on one page as opposed to having previews. People are lazy and they just want their info on one page and to just scroll down for the next article. Lke the way it is currently on this site.

    As for using the term "Pwn", there is no liability for it. It is a made up term and Apple can not do anything about it.

    BTW, I think your blog is the best blog for Hacker/Cracker news! I was lucky to stumble upon it. And I thank you for your efforts in maintaining this site and keeping the information flowing.

    • SoSly

      Thanks fellas I appreciate all of the opinions that just makes me want to make this site a whole better experience. I may just end up paying a web designer to make me a pro style site. I want this to be one of the best and easiest places to get around for all of your iphone news hacks and cracks. Ill work on it guys and ploopploop you have a point thats too much clicking and such for that site I will change it asap

      • ploopploop

        keep up the good work, hopefully you can manage to generate more people to your blog!