PhotoAlbums+ Contest Giveaway


PhotoAlbums+ brings us the ability to create photo albums on our idevices without the slow syncing to our computers. With fast paced living nowadays the average user doesn’t sync their device to iTunes but once a week let alone stop and take the time to make photo albums using the painfully slow iTunes way.

PhotoAlbums+ integrates directly into your as to not clutter your springboard while looking like an Apple intergated feature.

TheiPhoneSpot is giving away 10 FREE licenses for PhotoAlbums+, Contest Rules:

Five license winners will be chosen here and five will be chosen over at our forums (Link).

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  2. Comment how PhotoAlbums+ fits your fast paced lifestyle.

Ten winners will be contacted via email or @tweet for instructions. Comments left must have an email registered with it as we need a way to cummunicate if you win. Giveaway ends 12/17 at 11:59PM EST.

A big thanks to Chris the developer of iRealSMS (Link), PhotoAlbums+ (Link), and Pwntunes (Link) for making this happen. We also can’t forget SpiritOfLogics’s awesome one man army the (publicist and support) Reznor.


  • khaiyum

    PhotoAlbums+ will be very great cause i have a lot of pictures in my camera roll that i always have to scroll up and down to get them. it'll be useful to organise the pictures in different folders. Big thanks to the developer.

  • Joseph

    This app would really help in categorizing and separating the images I keep on my phone of work I’ve done for certain clients from my inspiration photos and my personal photos. I’d also be able to secure each folder so I don’t accidentally open a folder when showing work on the go. Awesome tweak!

  • Carlos

    PhotoAlbums+ is the best app for manage Photo albums in iPhone! I want!!!!

  • RichiePT

    PhotoAlbums+ is what i have been waiting for! i Hate iTunes, and would never use it again if i could do most of what i need directly on the iPhone, I am always taking pictures of this and that and it would be so cool to be able to organize the pics on the go rather than have to wait til i get home to open up iTunes and resync every time i wanna organize my photos.
    iTunes sucks….. and the developers of this kind of tweak RULE!!!!

  • This_is_my_name

    I am a very unorganized person. And my photos are all over. My camera roll has so much pics that it’s hard to find one that I needed. This would make my life easier big time :)


    I'm an amateur photographer, and sometimes don't take my camera places but use my phone instead. Being able to organise my photo's by album would be a gem! Instead of having to sift through all of my photos to find the ones I want to edit. Plus I could create events as my albums instead of one camera roll!!

    What better reason would you need for this app!?

    Posted on facebook – check girgis2000

  • andrepcg

    I take photos everyday! It's awesome to document your life, to show all your friends the photos you've been taking. But sometimes the way iPhone stores your pictures might be messy for organization. I have the need to setup albums to categorize the photos I take, and it's easier to show your friends and everyone a specific album! PhotoAlbums+ will certainly make my life easier and better :)

  • deltabell

    i would love this because i take soo many photos on my iphone it actually annoys my friends, but i like to do it so i can always remember the memories i spend with them.
    The thing that annoys me so much about the iphone is the whole way it categorises the photos in to ONE album and you have to use itunes to have multiple folders but even still has its limitations makes me soo mad and seeing this competition and winning it would make one part of my life so much easier.

  • Jaryre
    PhotoAlbums+ is so great that Apple should implement it in the next iOS version. You know what, I have iPhone4 32gb and about 3/4 of the space is filled with my pictures and videos. Yeah, you can call me cameraman-whore! :P I work as charity worker and I’m travelling a lot. That’s how PhotoAlbums+ can really help me in my daily live. Please, let me win some license, I beg ya..

  • Steve_McQueen

    I go to many concerts and if I had PhotoAlbums+ I could group all the photos from each show into there own albums. It would also be nice to keep family and friends in there own albums.

  • Coke

    I don't want to grow old as I watch Itunes sync. Would love to have this!! d[~..~]b

  • imbadmin

    me like photoalbums! ;)

  • Anonamuz

    I’ll wait for my crack fix. Hahaha…..Theiphonespot is the shit! Goodluck to everybody I hope you win. :v)

  • liquidsn0w

    PhotoAlbums + would make my love for taking pictures a lot easier. I would be able to easily organize them into albums and not have to hassle with all the album creating on my computer and syncing with iTunes.

  • jgr627

    I’ve been thinking about buying this app since I first read about it here on the site…..def wouldn’t mind a free key for it…..SoSly what’s up hook your boy up……I don’t twitter so does this comment count?

  • Twisted

    No matter where I am, I’m always taking pictures. My iPhone is the only camera I own, but without albums and no time to actually create albums on my computer and sync them back to my phone, I have a clutter of pictures. I would use photoalbums to the best of what it can do and create a better more organized life.


  • Phyr

    This app would be in the top 10 must have app for JB idevices! I WANT THIS!

  • Jim

    I want Photoalbums+ so bad…

  • Jordan

    I think it’s crap that apple didn’t give us this, because of it’s creator I can now put ALL my wallpapers together ALL my pics of my kids and our different vacations together, work pics, CONTACT PICTURES ALBUM etc. WITHOUT MY LAPTOP. Even if I don’t get it for free, thanks a bunch just for doing it!

  • potino

    Too Cool

  • francesco

    i m

  • Aymericpr

    Photo album+ is really THE app for the iPod 4 which as the best and fastest camera ever! I have 300 photos on m’y camera roll…please help!

  • Recycled Record

    this is the app that should have come with the iphone,
    to get to the point this will help me organise my life and make using the photo up easy and productive – I've got a iphone 3G so it's slow enough as it is haaa…

    I've got over a 1000 photos having had my iphone for two years,
    most tell my life, memories that I want to keep forever,
    but i also have artistic, inspirational, work and downright images…
    i'd love to be able to sort my photo's out instead of scrolling looking for that particular image, like if a friend asked me to show that photo, or i needed a picture of my timetable I'd have it there and then. it'd suit my lifestyle.
    Cheers for making this happen, oh and iRealSMS is epic, thanks for that too!

  • Recycled Record

    *downright funny hehe

  • pukka

    photo albums + would be perfect for me as I work for a cellphone provider and it would make it much easier to show customers some demo videos/pics on the iphone 4 without having to go through all my personal info in front of the customer!

  • Kaylee

    I would love to win because I enjoy taking pics of everything and I love photosharing. I’m looking to become a model and by the time I wait for iTunes to sync I’ll be ancient. So hope I win :)

  • Micro

    Photo Albums + would be perfect for poor little me,i always get lost in the clutter while trying to find the pictures that I want to show everyone.When I can’t find my photos, I become sad.That’s why I need Photo Albums + to help me organize my photos to show my freinds.

  • Alex Willum

    Hello you are a diligent amateur photographer, both on my iDevises and on my kodak camera – but the annoying me that Apple’s photo album is so bad – that’s why I could use PhotoAlbums+

  • Vince

    Im going to make it simple but unforgettable’ this photoalbums is way beyond our imagination so if it just incase im going to win in this contest, i will much appreciate it with all my heart! Thanka to creator of this tweaks and of course ” theiphonespot” you are the best iphone website out there! God bless!

  • Jason3731

    I could use this… I hate going through iTunes…so I hope I win…

  • Clayton

    This is the first tweak I have ever bought from Cydia! So worth it. it was $3 and I put it on my ipt4 my ip3gs and my friends ip4 so really It was like I paid a dollar per device. SOOOO WORTH IT =]


    By the law of averages, I should post at least 30 times to win! Lol. Come on, you know it was meant for my device – I live and breathe cydia apps! One more is definately what I need! Especially this one!


    here's one more, just to improve my chances.


    and another – ok i'll stop trolling!