RF Laserworks: Get Your Awesome Heat Sensitive iPhone 4 Backing


Once in a while you run into that awesome reflective screen, the cool iPhone case, or just that right colored casing for your iDevice. Introducing the awesome “Heat Sensitive iPhone 4 Backing” brought to us by RF Laserworks where its only one man, one laser, neat stuff.

We have two shipped our way and you can get yours for a mere 11.99 Here. What do you think cool enough for you?


Enjoy seeing your phone change colors with this heat sensitive backing! This self-adhesive laser cut backing will change colors in the range 90 to 95 degrees F – or just below body temperature. At only .005″ thick, it’ll fit nicely under any bumper you put on your phone too. Scientifically proven to make your phone look SIX TIMES better than everyone else’s.

Watch as the backing changes color with heat from your hands, pocket, or anywhere else you might stick it (please — don’t. Just don’t.). It will even change colors to reveal outlines of it’s inner components while playing music, surfing, or while on a phone call!

The heat sensitive backing’s colors range from black (cold), all the way through red, yellow, and green before arriving at a deep blue (hot).

PLEASE NOTE: This item will take between 4-7 days to ship. If you need it faster, please shoot me a message and we can work something out. Free shipping in the U.S.!