Samsung Now Copying Mac OS X Dock


Samsung recently lost a court battle against Apple in which it will have to pay 1 billion USD in damages. Samsung was recently found guilty of copying Apple’s iPhone in a wide variety of ways.

Take a look at the image below and see why Samsung was defeated in U.S. court, it’s quite obvious:

Samsung was found guilty of all products listed below:

- Samsung guilty on bounce back.

- Samsung infringes on pinch to zoom on all but three devices.

- Apple’s patent for iPhone’s front surface violated on all but one phone.

- Two Samsung phones violated the back of the iPhone.

- Samsung violated with all phones on the iPhone home screen patent.

- Samsung Galaxy Tab design does NOT INFRINGE the Apple iPad’s design, per the Jury.

- Jury says Apple patents were willfully infringed by Samsung (5 out of 7 places).

- Jury finds that all of Apple’s patents ARE VALID.

Now even after losing in court, shares dropping, and being a bit embarrassed publicly Samsung is now copying Apple’s OS X dock. Samsung’s new S-Launcher is to be included in all of it’s windows 8 machines.

The S-Dock looks and feels exactly like Apple’s OS X Dock. You can drop applications into S-Dock and even drag them off to trash them, it even has a similar 3D look. We’re no experts so do you think Samsung is copying another one of Apple’s trademark features?