SBSettings Bug – Disable Location Settings And Data From Unlock Screen


Whilst messing around with the new A5 jailbreak I was testing out a few of the security apps available on Cydia.  I installed iCaughtU free version, which didn’t work, but it did highlight a bug with SBSettings that I noticed.


When at an  unlock screen, so where you enter your four digit code, you can still access the SBSettings GUI by swiping on the status bar.  This allows you to turn of all the toggles, including Data, Location Settings and Wifi.  This means that if you ever lose your locked iPhone and you have SBSettings installed on there the there is a way for thieves to stop you from deleting your information via remote wipe.  It also means that findmyiphone or any other similar app will be rendered useless.


So I wrote an email to the Devs, highlighting the issue and saying that maybe they should make it so you have an option to turn it off if you have a lock code or just disable it automatically.  They told me to go to Activator and turn it off from the Lock Screen there.  I thought at first ok pretty simple, but then I thought about all the times that I have had to put a passcode on my phone and take it off.  Some of you do it on a regular basis, for example when out and about you set your remembered passcode but in the house you leave it unlocked.   So I hope that now this has been brought to their attention that they might try to fix the issue.


For me SBSettings is an app that is a must have, but this little problem needs to be fixed.  Otherwise remember to disable SBSettings from the lock screen if you have an unlock code for your iPhone.


Apple Addict

  • dagooch

    thats only a problem using the classic if you have it integrated into the notification bar which is much cleaner then you cant access it from the lock screen

  • GIRG

    that’s true, however if you’re using intelliscreenX then it will still appear from notification screen on lock screen. IntelliscreenX requires you to input your passcode once from when you set it up. then it will be accessible. Dunno what the timer is on it though, but i was able to get to it for a couple of hours.