Sprint To Stop Selling The iPhone 4


Sprint is said to be discontinuing the iPhone 4 on September 21st. This is due to Apple introducing the iPhone 5 at the normal price point of $199.

During the iPhone 5 keynote Apple announced that the iPhone 4 would be available through select carriers only. Now confirmed by a leaked Sprint document it seems the company is to drop the iPhone 4 all together.

Sprint will stop offering the iPhone 4 on the iPhone 5′s launch date which is September 21st. So why is Sprint discontinuing the iPhone 4? Now that the iPhone 5 will make it’s debut it is speculated that Sprint cannot afford to offer the iPhone 4 for free with a 2 year contract.

For those wanting the cheaper iPhone with Sprint be aware you have until Friday to sign a 2 year contract agreement and get the iPhone 4 for $49.00.