Swagbucks Giveaway, Plus iPhone Bluetooth Headset


Its been a while since I have had a giveaway and I thought why not now, with these tough times and what not I know everyone out there wouldn’t mind something for free so lets get down to business. This time instead of me picking what I want to give away and paying for it im going to use swagbucks to do this giveaway. Swagbucks is a website that gives you points for searching the internet using their search engine which uses google/ask. The cool thing about this is that I am going to let you the readers choose what prizes to give away. Watch the video below compliments of ty so you can learn how it works. Please continue reading to see how the contest is going to work out and to vote on what prizes you want to be given away.

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Win My iPhone Bluetooth Headset

I will be giving away my iPhone bluetooth Headset complete with original box, usb sync/charger and instructions to the person who signs up through my referal link and makes the most swagbucks thus helping me make swagbucks for the giveaway. I will ship to the U.S. only, but don’t worry my foreign readers if the poll that gets chosen below has an itunes gift card in it I will send a lucky winner the card code to redeem in itunes.

Alright well now that your convinced and you want to win some free prizes join through my referral link above or the swagbucks banner on the sidebar. Once I reach 3000 Swagbucks the prizes with the most votes will get SwagBought :) and I will give away the free prizes to all the users that comment on this post or anywhere on the site. Most of the prizes in the poll are about 3000 Swagbucks or a little less and a note to everyone, the more prizes that are bought the more of a chance you have to win. Now what are you waiting go go go

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