TheiPhoneSpot’s A Bumper A Day, Plus Gear 4 Angry Birds Case Giveaway


Its been quite a while since we’ve had a giveaway and we believe its time to give back. TheiPhoneSpot has slowly but surely been gaining traction in the jailbreak scene and we’re happy to still be around since we went live on 1/16/2009.

Although TIS has been a one man army for most of its life we’re happy to report a few faithful users have been coming from day one and have recently been writing for us along with providing us graphics and tips. Shout out to Slim for recently helping out with articles along with Tonee for providing graphics and logos. We also thank to all the other users who come out once in a while and help us out in the shoutbox such as girgis, twisted, brikz.

TheiPhoneSpot will be giving away an Apple iphone bumper a day along with throwing in a Gear 4 iPhone 4 angry birds case to sweeten the deal.

There are three easy ways to enter the giveaway:

  1. Comment on this post telling us why you would want/need a bumper or angry birds iphone 4 case.
  2. Retweet This Post On Twitter
  3. Like our facebook page
  4. Subscribe to our youtube channel, a giveaway video is currently in the making.

Its that easy, just do one of four things and your entered for a chance to win a free iphone bumper or the angry birds iphone 4 case.

Conest Rules:

  • Open to US residents of the 50 United States.
  • Giveaway begins today and ends Sunday July 24th, 11:59 PM Central Time.
  • You may enter four times max by doing one of each requirements.
  • Winners will be chosen at random daily beginning on Monday.

  • Adam

    I need a bumper because 1. My naked iPhone 3G screen shattered at Walmart. 2. My naked iPhone 4 back shattered on concrete. So my white replacement back sure could use some protection! :) pick me pick me!

  • Brikz

    Well I would love this bc my orange bumper is sooo nasty and dirty and my boy goes into absolute fits and goes crazy to bite on it and use it as a teether, so you might be saving a childs life by giving me one.

    And I really don’t ever want to get laid again so i would hit the clubs sportin the Angry Birds case on my phone and enjoy celibacy.

    See that i went emotional and Reverse psychology there my friends I can’t lose.

  • ahmad rifaie

    i drop my ip4 so often. i need a bumper because i love my iphone untill i realise its time to get a bumper. and thank you iphonespot!

  • Jason3731

    Well I might as well join in on the action here and request that i4 case…I don’t really have a good reason to post a reason why I need it but I would love to have it on my iphone4 and show my friends…So anyway…Hope I win since Brikz doesnt want to ever get laid again…LOL

  • Playa

    I need it because my phone’s sides are starting to chips off from dropping it. This will really I mean really save my iPhone so hope I can win thanks for the chance to win.


    I would love a free bumper and angry bird case.
    Then my Angry bird would stop bitching and leave me the fuck a lone.
    Because i didnt spend a penny.
    I would be a winner here and at

  • Spermwhale_steve

    This is dope. I’d like the fat black bird case to shit on other peoples cases, I’d be cool to 1up the hipsters at work, and cuz bitchez love angry birds. On a side note casey Is free. Hide yo kidZ!!

  • Kat

    I would love to have one :) tired of having to pay to replace the screen from dropping it.

  • locomambo

    as a fanatic of angry birds and angry birds rio( and so i may 4 years old son) our purpose is to free from slavery those birds that are missing the birds mothers, fathers and other members of the birds family only fair to have the case to join forces to defeat the evil pigs…viva la revolution.,.heheh…now send me my

  • Koopa Sevilla

    I keep dropping my phone and case would help me protect my phone. Peace

  • Foeshigity

    I’d like a bumper because my black one is about to meet its end….

  • Andrewnmartinez

    I need a bumper cause i broke both my glass plates 2 times each -.- and well i’ve been here since day one, well kinda c: