Top 10 Cydia Tweaks For Your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 (A5) Device


Update: Take a look at our Top Jailbreak Tweaks for Your Newly Jailbroken iOS 6.1 Device

I hope everyone who’s got an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 is enjoying the new Absinthe jailbreak that has been released.   Finally we can all get ourselves our favourite jailbreak tweaks and apps that we’ve long been waiting for.

However, some of you sold your older devices and have been stuck out of the jailbreak scene for the past few months, or you’ve just plain forgotten the simple tweaks that you could install that make your iPhone that little bit more awesome to use.

So here is a list of the basic top ten tweaks that we think you need in order to start off on the road to jailbreak tweaks:


1) SBSettings - this is a tweak that puts the most basic features of your iDevice at the swipe of the status bar.  It provides you with a neat little GUI that has toggles for 3G, EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth, Process, Location Settings and Airplane Mode.  The theme can be changed easily and there are more toggles that can be installed for use with your favourite apps/tweaks.  It’s also free which makes this just that little bit better.

2) MultiIconMover - this is such a handy tweak that you don’t even know why Apple hasn’t introduced this into iOS already!  It allows you to select multiple icons when ‘wobbling’, you can then move to a new home page or folder and press the home button once to place the selected apps there.  The only limitation to the app is that it will only move the same number of apps as spaces available at the destination.  So no more dragging and dropping one icon at a time, all you have to do now is select them all and click once to complete the job.  MultiIconMover is FREE from the Cydia store.

3) Activator - this tweak/app allows you to assign certain gestures or button clicks to particular functions or apps.  This is very handy especially with the use of messaging apps that offer a ‘QuickCompose’ or ‘QuickReply’ option requiring the click of a volume button or icon.  The app will usually install automatically when a tweak or app requires it, however you may just want to download it and have a look at what you can do.  Activator is FREE.

4) FolderEnhancer - this enables you to add an unlimited number of apps/icons to any folder.  Each folder page displays 16 icons and can be set to swipe with the standard iOS swipe gesture, or can be programmed for vertical scrolling.  There are also several settings for customisation of the appearance and behaviour, including changing app font colour and background colour.  FolderEnhancer is available in the Cydia store for €1.99.

5) IntelliScreenX - this tweak is one of the best out there, providing you with a lock screen news/socialnetwork/communication centre to iOS’s native Notification Centre.  The tweak allows customisable lock screen pages where you can add your email feed, Facebook feed, twitter feed and RSS address feeds.  It really is the one of the best notification tweaks around and has had a lot of work put in to its development, as a consequence it’s reflected in the price.  IntelliScreenX is available from the Cydia store for $9.99 + free trial.  You can try the tweak out for 3 days and then you’ll have to pay.  Another downturn to the steep price is that the purchase can only be registered to one device, so if you want it on more than one you need to pay each time.

6) iFile - this app allows you to look in to the root of your iDevice and trace all of the file paths for iOS.  The tweak may not appeal to all, but for those of you who know what you’re doing, iFile is a great tweak to resolve some common issues with Cydia and installed apps or tweaks.  It also allows for manual editing of property lists and lets you create bookmarks for folders and files.  You can ZIP files and open compressed files and can also email files as attachments.  iFile is available for $4.00 from Cydia.

7) Lockinfo - this tweak allows you to have a customised lock screen to view and open certain iOS apps, such as messages, phone, email, and allows you to interact with them via the lock screen.  There are also native custom add ons that mean you can put on your lock screen what you really want to see.  The interface links in with the background lock screen very smoothly, and a series of bar tabs allow for easy opening and hiding of information on screen.  Lockinfo is available from Cydia for $7.99, you also get a 14 day free trial period to see if you like the app.

8) BiteSMS - this app allows you to answer, create and reply to messages and calls from anywhere on your iPhone.  The app is an alternative to iOS’s messages app, as also has it’s own credit usage system that you can pay money to and send cheaper SMSs.  There are two things about this tweak which really make it special, the first being the ability to allow a gesture to open a ‘QuickCompose’ or ‘QuickReply’ box that allows you to create or reply to a message or phone call, the second being the range of communication options the tweak provides with access to Skype, Viber, FaceTime and the native Phone App.  You can also pre-program templates for quick message sending.  BiteSMS is free from the Cydia store.  You will be given a trial period which will be ad free, once the trial ends the app will display ads when you use it.  You can purchase a one time license which will completely remove the ads for €6.95.

9) Terminal - this is a terminal based GUI for interacting with the iOS filesystem.  Terminal is simply a text-based program that is used to send commands to the OS and interact with it.  You can do pretty much anything with it if you’re inclined to using a simple user GUI.  It’s not really for jail breakers who don’t know what they’re doing with Darwin based systems, but it can be useful if you need to install or uninstall an app or tweak.  It is also helpful when wanting to change your root password.  Terminal is FREE from the Cydia store. WARNING – although UNIX based filesystems are protected you can still delete all your files with this app, use it at your own risk.

10) Springtomize/Springtomize 2- this is the absolute app for editing and tweaking the appearance of your iOS.  You change almost anything from the Carrier logo and status bar images to the colour of your text and backgrounds.  You can mod your unlock slide bar text and change there appearance, size and number of icons displayed on your home screen pages.  Springtomize offers a lot of function that no one other app can do.  Springtomize is available from the Cydia store for $2.99, very cheap for the effort the devs have put into it.


So there you go, there’s the top ten tweaks available to get you started with your brand new A5 jailbroken device.  These apps obviously aren’t the only great apps, intact each tweak or app out there is a good as the next.  If it does what you want it to do then it’s pretty much a great mod.


Other apps of interest maybe:






Winterboard (theme changer),

call bar,

call delete,






YourTube HD,



NotificationCenter Enhancer (many widgets),

UDID Faker,


If there’s anymore you think we should add to the list then post below.  Hope this was helpful and enjoy your iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak.


Viewer Comments:

Richard Farr – Zephyr and Facebreak – “…must have…”

GIRG – Infiniboard and Overflow – “so awesome with 5 icons”


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  • SoSly

    Great list Girg. As usual everyone will have their own opinion but you mentioned the must haves

  • GIRG

    Cheers man. yeah i know there’s a few that’s not on there, especially PDANet, but it’s whatever you like really. I think the ones above are what you need to get started.

  • Richard Farr

    2 other must haves are Zephyr and Facebreak!

    • GIRG

      defo will add them on when i get back. did you get your voucher?

      • Richard Farr

        Nothing yet

  • Privatemcfluff

    Instead of youtube 2, you wanna check out MXtube

    • GIRG

      MXTube is awesome!  Especially if you like revising from youtube videos – you can have them all on your iDevice anywhere you go!

  • Josh

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