Transparent iPhone 4 Housing Now Available for Purchase


Although not the full transparent housing MicGadget has begun selling the transparent back panel casing for the iphone 4. You all may remember we posted about this a long time ago hoping it would see the light of day to us consumers. Hopefully when established MicGadget will offer the full transparent housing.

If you want to show off your inner geekness you can go purchase your very own for $23.90 HERE. It seems like a good deal and better yet the casing is plastic so no need to worry about dropping and shattering your iphone… Well the back of it at least.


Transparent Back Panel for iPhone 4 DIY Kit

It is super cool to see the inner workings and hidden guts of the iPhone 4. With the transparent back panel, exchange the original glass panel from your iPhone 4 and turn it into transparent without the need of using paint thinner on the actual iPhone 4 back. Visit our blog site for in-depth review


::3 Frame Color Options::
Silver Frame
White Frame
Black Frame

::Main Materials::
Outer Face Plate – Transparent Plastic
Inner Frame – Plastic
Screw Parts – Metal Alloy

::What’s inside::
1 X Transparent Back Panel for iPhone 4
1 X Phillips-head Screw Driver for iPhone 4
1 X Pentalobe (Five-Point Star) Screw Driver for iPhone 4


  • nEwkid

    i said it before and ill say it again…is this as strong as gorilla glass (original housing)? because i dont want to waste my money yet i would really like this!

    • SoSly

      It probably isn\’t but it is plastic meaning it won\’t crack whenever you drop it unlike Apple\’s glass..