Tutorial: How To Correct Outgoing Relay Server Error for Email


Ok so some of you guys might have a few email accounts set up on your iDevice, but sometimes you try to send mail and you get the infamous:


The most common occurrence for this is with AOL email, for some reason the server’s get clogged up and it doesn’t seem to want to check the other servers available (this is what it should do), one by one.  Instead it just stops searching and provides you with the above message.

Well if you’ve been looking for a fix then you’re in luck.  There’s two ways to make sure that you can send out all of your mail from your outbox.

Method 1 – Is actually just a recheck of your settings, to make sure username, password and smpt settings are all correct:

  1. Open Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calender,…>AOL>Account
  2. From here click on ‘SMTP’ towards the bottom of the screen,
  3. Make sure that the smpt.aol.com primary server is set to ‘ON’ (you used to be able to alter the settings, but on iOS 5 they seem to be greyed out, these can be altered from the main account page – make sure these are all correct).  The Server Port should also be 587.
  4. Click ‘Done’ and try to send your mail from your outbox again.


Method 2 – Make Another Server Link With Same Settings:

  1. Follow the above to ‘SMTP’, go into the primary server and set it to ‘OFF’
  2. Go back to ‘SMTP’ and select ‘Add Server…’ from ‘Other SMTP Servers’
  3. Enter into ‘Host Name’ -    smtp.aol.com
  4. Add your User Name and password in the fields below
  5. Click ‘Save’ at the top right – it will now verify the server (may take 30-60 secs)
  6. Check your mail, your outbox should’ve already sent before you can open it up!


Hope this helped and if there are any other tutorials that you’d like to hear from us, then please let us know.


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