Tutorial: How To Download Debs and Manually Install Them Without A Computer


Your jailbroken and use Cydia on the daily, you downloading tweaks, apps, themes, the whole shabang. Now what if you find a tweak that has been pulled from cydia and download a .deb (debian) package to your computer.

How do you install a deb manually?  It’s easy and we’re going to show you exactly how to do it all on your iOS device without a computer.


How To Download Debs and Manually Install Them Without A Computer:

Assuming your already using a jailbroken iOS device lets get started.

  • Download and install iFile from cydia

  • Browse to download the debian file via mobile safari on your device

  • Tap to download the deb via a direct link, give it some time while safari downloads the deb. When done you will see the above screenshot, choose to open in ifile.

  • iFile will then open and you will have the following options, choose installer and the deb will be installed.

Thats it you have installed a deb manually without using a computer. Now to get the tweak or app you installed to show up and start working you must respring or reboot your device.


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    worked perfect