Two Down Hundreds To Go, Chinese Authorities Shut Down Apple Store Clones


Clone here, clone there, everywhere a clones clone. Only in China will you find perfect cheap clones of the worlds most popular electronics for sell.

Recently, there has been news about perfect Apple store clones popping up around China and by perfect we mean to the T. Even the fake Apple store employees honestly think they’re working for the Real Apple Inc. After making their rounds across the web fake Apple stores seem to have caught some unwanted attention and a couple have already been shut down by Chinese Authorities.

BloomBerg Reports:

Chinese authorities shut two unauthorized Apple Inc. stores in Kunming for operating without business licenses, a newspaper run by the southwestern city’s government reported.

Investigators also examined three other stores that used Apple’s logo without the company’s permission, though they were found to have operating permits, according to the Dushi Shibao newspaper report posted today on the Kunming government’s website. The findings were part of a probe into more than 300 electronics vendors in the city, according to the report.

The move comes about a week after the “BirdAbroad” blog began posting photographs of a fake Apple store complete with an acrylic staircase and crew of blue-shirted sales staff, showing the extent some dealers will go to profit from booming demand for iPhones and iPads. The company’s network of more than 900 retail outlets has failed to keep up with demand, forcing customers to buy from vendors not sanctioned by Apple.