Verizon iPhone 4 Flashed To Cricket, How To Do It


It won’t be long until you see mobile phone stores at the mall offering to flash your verizon iphone over to a different crarrier. Then again think before you do it as there is no way of going back.

If you want to give this a try and cricket has good service around your area feel free as the poster of the video told people in the comments how to do it. Be warned that this is all trial and error testing, you may lose all functionality of your iphone. These guys here are making progress (Link)

***Warning, Theres No Going Back***

This only works in some areas. you’re such an idiot. its real. that light is a sensor. i made it and flashed it myself. its not a video i just pulled of the web.ppl this only works in some areas. the easy way to flash it is to dial *22804 or 228 it will download the prl for you and flash it for talk & text. Remember to transfer the line to the phone first so it will program OTA successfully.


  • http://NA Stevo kinieval

    Hmmm, paying 30 vs paying 100$. Sounds worth it but then again cricket sucks

    • Anonymous

      Yea right

  • Jose

    Wait wat about the remembering the ota??

  • hoe

    How do u flash a iphone4 to cricket

  • Jason