Verizon iPhone Also Has Antenna Issues


iLounge has posted some interesting info on the Verizon iphone and its not good. Like the At&t iphone 4, the Verizon iphone also has antenna problems and as you can see in the video above its similar to the iphone death grip.


iLounge has put their Verizon iPhone 4 to the test (video above) and has determined the device has anntenuation issues like the AT&T version of the phone. In this case, it’s not the “death grip” but is the “death hug” and affects both the cellular and WiFi antennas. The issue appears to be on webpage loading times when gripping the iPhone 4.  Another example of the “death hug”


  • nEwkid

    and they thought they were cool changing the antennas haha death hug haha who comes up with these names

  • SoSly

    We do the consumer lol


    this has got to be terrible news for apple – after all their testing, and re-designing the antenna, they still cock up! Idiots! Time's 2011 top ten fails! lol