Video: Cool Concept Shows The Possiblities iOS 5 Brings, Cool New Features


Brought to us by TheAppleDatabase the video below shows the possibilities iOS 5 will bring with its debut this fall. While the features shown aren’t on the official iOS 5 release list, we’re really hoping the jailbreak community will step up to the plate.

We’re hoping Apple steals some of the ideas shown. The highly impressive dashboard widget feature along with a seamless experience using both your mac and iPhone to receive and reply to sms’s looks pretty sweet.


  • Jason3731

    Pretty nice video!!! Thx

  • Coke

    Looks legit. Let’s hope some of it will be in iOS 5.

  • locomambo

    wow..i want it..very cool its up to apple to implement it into ios 7 lol or maybe ios 8!!