Video: How Apple Should’ve Done iOS Voice Recognition



We all know we don’t use voice commands much on our idevices.. Or at least I don’t but if it was this cool and easy to use it’d be a big hit.


video by Jan-Michael Cart which shows a wonderful, elegant and simple way of taking voice recognition and integrating it into the operating itself.Jan-Michael’s video shows a selection of scenarios where you might want to use voice recognition, the first of which is opening the SMS app and replying to a fictitious (we assume!) SMS from Steve Jobs. Here pressing and holding the home button invokes the voice recognition portion of the OS and a blue status bar appears at the top of the screen – similar to the red one which appears during a phone call.

The rest of the video shows off how Jan-Michael envisages voice recognition would work for apps such as Email which don’t feature a text field, but rather an area where text can be entered free-form. Here, double-tapping the area would bring up the now familiar copy/paste options. A new microphone logo would be added to the list which, as you’d expect, brings the voice recognition into play.


  • wow

    OMG lol people are just getting lazier and lazier lol im guessing you will want the iphone 5 to whip your ass for you hahahahhaha

  • KnightRiderX

    No txting n driving, ASS!!!