Video: iPhone 4S Officially Jailbroken Completely Untethered


The dream team has officially jailbroken the iPhone 4S and yes it is completely untethered. After months and months of waiting your beloved iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S will be running Cydia and you will be able to install hundreds of useful tweaks to make your iOS experience even better.

Dustin Howett recently posted a video showing off the iPhone 4S jailbroken complete with device id as to prove its not a fake video. Take a look at the video demo below:

Pod2G also stated that “only a few to wait now” on his blog. Although we can’t tell what exactly that means be sure to update your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 to iOS 5.0.1 before Apple updates to 5.1 and stops signing the firmware.


  • GIRG

    Sick. Lets hope it’s out today then! usually 24hrs to 48 hrs after a video it’s released.

  • Bert

    When the dream team go together not even apple can take the almighty of the team raaawrrr

  • Saxa


  • Bossyman

    Horey,,,,,,,,,,My heroes are coming ….. Yessssss!

    Long live dreamteam !