[Video] Jailbreak Devs Your Up, Check Out This Awesome iOS Interface Concept


Take a look at this pretty awesome iOS interface concept brought to us by graphic designer Joost van der Ree. The video shows off many features we’d love to have.

Hey jailbreak developers looks like your up, we hope you can turn some of these things into reality.

More Details:

Notification Center – Hidden behind the home screen
Mission Control – Triggered by swipe up from the bottom, browse through app history, view Safari pages,
Safari – Automatic full screen by double tapping
Dynamic Badges – Pull icon down to view notifications
Flipcons – Pull icon down to make it flip, get a quick look at updated app content, tap the flipcon to open app content.

To view the full article and see a thorough explanation on how each feature would work check out the Not A Lot Of Words website.