Video: Mobile Windows 7 OS vs iOS 4


PocketNow has posted a video comparing the new mobile Windows 7 OS vs iOS 4. As you can see each one has its very own distinct personality with completely different looking ui’s and features. At least windows 7 didn’t try to copy iOS like all these other phones have.


  • Vajoiner

    im fucking psyched for this. HTC HD3 though.

  • Zoe Bickel

    It’s not flash compatible still however It’ll work with Adobe flash when Adobe has made it compatible. I mean to say they’re just now rolling out flash for Android phones. The Operating system do multitask just like iOS. It’s closing but save the actual state of the appz furtheremore when you open it one more time, it will be at the same state.No copy and paste. Hopefully Copy and paste will be replaced by smart linking. I hope there will be adding a true copy and paste .