Video: Romo The Smartphone Robot


Yet another kick starter project in the books and this one has complete funding so don’t be surprised if you see it treading around in public.

If your interested in getting a Romo go check out the KickStarter page for more info @


Romotive builds accessible, highly functional, and flexible robotics platforms that are powered by a supercomputer already carried by millions–the smartphone.

Our robotics platform adds everything that the smartphone is missing–movement, accessories, and physical capabilities that a true robot needs.

But unlike the lame single-purpose machines out there for sale today, our robots will also be able to learn, grow, and change, both by adding new hardware modules to the platform, and more importantly, by bring to people everywhere a true “app store” for robots, where robots can quickly gain functionalities based on the app they are running (and you can even code your own).

We’re only scratching the surface of what is possible with smartphone controlled devices. With your support, we will have the opportunity to pursue bigger and bigger ideas.

Romo’s Hardware:

  • A motorized, acrylic base with an accessory port that can be controlled by any smartphone (or iPod Touch).
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charging cable
  • Analog circuitry with two motor outputs, compatible with any phone that can emit the right frequencies to drive the motors