Which sms app do you guys use



I have always had a big problem on choosing the right sms app. I have purchased everyone listed except bitesms, and I was wondering what you guys use and why. To me if it’s not one thing it’s another such as irealsms has landscape and quickreply on lockscreen but doesn’t show a full txt app like quicksms does. iRealsms lets you customize the background and bubbles, but it uses about 15 mb of ram and quicksms only uses about 5 to 10 mb but it does not allow full cusomtization. You guys get the picture, but as of now iRealsms 2.8 has my heart ;) which app do you use???

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  • ZuZ

    i use the built in sms application! i like it for its simplicity and speed!
    had so much trouble with irealsms and irealquicksms especially on the lockscreen and making my iphone laggy!

    one thing i do wish to have and miss in the native app, is the character counter! kate 2.0 adds this to the native app but its pretty expensive and cant seem to find a crack for it!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/SoSly SoSly

      I see, that is a good decision if you have problems with your phone being laggy but my phone doesn\\'t have a problem with irealsms. Doesn\\'t lag or anything what so ever, the only problem is that i am not a fast enough typer to send a quick message from the lockscreen before the quicksms makes the screen turn off

      • ZuZ

        yup, the problem u also mentioned about the lockscreen turning off is also a problem, logically if u are typing it shouldnt turn off!

        • funklee916

          If you go to cydia and install the 20 second lockscreen like i did. That combo itself is worthy of being used. 20 seconds to type a small text. Even if u need more time just press the home button and continue.

  • Slymik

    I think iRealquick is fantastic and is not laggy. But it drains my battery so fast i have to uninstall it.

    Bitesms is great with forwarding and quick preview.

    Does ireal drain a lot of battery for the rest of the users?

  • SoSly

    iRealsms does run your battery down but not as much irealquick. What you need to do is have it not run in the background and that should help. Although I’ve always had ireal installed so I couldn’t give you good information on battery life

  • Cpt apathy

    I think if there’s a way to extend the timeout of the lock screen I’ll go back to irealquick. But bitesms is my choice until then.

  • http://www.intensedebate.com/people/SoSly SoSly

    Well i think the new update to irealquicksms has the option to make the screen stay on longer. You can specify how many seconds you want it to be on.

  • funklee916

    Same goes for you as the above reply i posted. Open cydia and install the 20 second lockscreen. Completes the iRealsms and iRealQuickSms apps.

  • Zane

    any cracks for bitesms 3.2?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/SoSly SoSly

      Not that I know of. I will update as soon as I find one don\\'t worry.

  • Zane

    kk cool.. i looked on xsellize an the have one but told me i dont hav permissions to view it