Why Your Wireless Service Depletes At Major Events


Have you ever been to your favorite teams NFL football game or maybe you had a chance to go watch the NBA finals. Did you notice that your iPhone’s cell service completely sucked?

Wonder no more as SwayMarkets has decided to answer our question by heading out and doing the dirty work for us.

SwayMarket founders took to the streets and went to a Red Sox – Tigers baseball game with 3 different iPhones in hand. Each iPhone was on a different network Sprint, Verizon, and At&t. Using it’s very own app CarrierCompare they frequently pinged each wireless network testing speed and response times.

What was discovered during brief periods of times was that the reception quality was so bad that Sprint and Verizon iPhone’s stopped working while the At&t iPhone struggled to stay alive.

It’s basic common sense, you have thousands of people using smartphones that are data hogs all trying to use the same network tower. Your data services will become dial up slow along with your reception also taking a hit in quality.

Companies are now deploying small antennae around major events to help take the load off of the bigger network towers thus improving your user experience. These small antennae were actually used in the last Super Bowl helping reduce congestion.