Wi-Fi Sync 2.0: Sync iPhone To iTunes Over 3G, Wifi, Edge


Wi-Fi Sync, a popular iOS application that lets you sync your iDevice with iTunes wirelessly, has announced beta signups for its upcoming 2.0 release.

The 2.0 update will be free for existing users; however, the 3G sync feature will be a $5 in-app purchase (it needs server capacity).

Only one purchase of Wi-Fi Sync is needed for all of your devices. Your data is encrypted (with SSL) by iTunes and your iPhone; Wi-Fi Sync can’t read it.

Coming in December
● Sync your iPhone over Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE and/or VPN
● Major stability and speed improvements
● Native support for iPad & iPod touch 4G
● Direct integration with iTunes

You can purchase Wi-Fi Sync now from the Cydia Store for $9.99. Click the link below to signup for the 2.0 beta.