WiFi2HiFi: Stream Audio To Your iPhone


Wifi2Hifi was recently released on the Appstore (link) and it turns your iphone into a wireless audio receiver. You can now stream all your music to your iphone without having to sync with iTunes. The app is .99 for a limited time only so purchase it now as it is well worth it.


Stream all your computer’s music to your stereo system!
Works with: MAC OS X 10.6, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Use WiFi2HiFi to turn your iPhone into a wireless audio receiver for your stereo system
or audio dock. Combined with the desktop app WiFi2HiFi Station you can listen to whatever audio program is playing on your computer. No additional hardware is needed.

Don’t worry anymore about syncing music or having limited choice over the music on your device. Just use the WiFi2HiFi tools and stream it all.

Forget long stumbling prone audio cables connected to your computer and your stereo system. Use your laptop as it is supposed to be used – without any wire! You can comfortably sit wherever you want and have all of your favorite music at your fingertips.

How does it work?

WiFi2HiFi Station acts like an additional audio output on your computer, allowing it to provide streaming support for all popular audio programs on the Mac and PC.

Download the free WiFi2Hifi Station from www.wifi2hifi.com.


* Use your preferred music program *
You can wirelessly stream audio from the most popular music programs on your computer.

* multitasking enabled *
Listen to your computer’s music library while selecting the songs with your preferred remote app

* stereo sound quality *
Play your songs in crystal clear stereo quality

* easy-to-use *
Start streaming once you start the app. Your iPhone/iPod device is automatically detected.

* high reliability *
High sound quality even on weak wireless networks

Works with:

MAC OS X 10.6, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
Wireless LAN or ad-hoc network on MAC

WiFi2HiFi is at a discount price as part of the launch promotion, get it right away!


  • LoveHateMachine

    Um, AudioGalaxy as been doing this for some time now.