Windows 7 Mobile Theme Released For iPhone


Woocash has released his most anticipated iphone theme windows 7 mobile. This theme imitates the new windows mobile 7 os on the iphone.

Note: This is not the english version which should be in the works.

Download: HERE


  • what

    waiting for english one.

  • quappe

    please keep us up to date when the english version will be released :)
    thanks :D

    • SoSly

      Will do

  • quappe

    by the way this is the best iphone blog i found online – i am here day by day :D
    keep on doing your good job!

  • Johnny

    I can’t believe one of the many many talented themer’s haven’t taken it apon themselve’s to convert this awesome theme to english.Woocash -Kun himself said if someone wanted to mod his theme he wouldn’t have a problem with it . As long as they mention it’s his theme comon guy’s & gal’s if i could i would . I see the aewsomeness just don’t know how to mess with it . Anyways whoever makes it over in english first is gonna get one hell of a ty from me an prob amillion other iphone junkies .

    • SoSly

      I wouldn’t mind trying this theme, still waiting for an English version also

  • Daniele

    I have try to install on my 3G… but i sure miss somethings.. icon are the same original.. and all work very bad.. the guide is incomplete..

    If someone have install it.. and all work perfectly.. can make a guide plz??