Winterboard, MobileSubtrate 3G S Compatible Update


Finally what we’ve all been waiting for, Saurik has updated winterboard and mobile substrate to work with the iphone 3G S using the purple rain jailbreak. As you all may know, winterboard is the main app everyone jailbreaks for. Thank Saurik if you like using custom wallpapers as your background, icon themes, and keyboard themes or even whole themes. As of right now it hasn’t been pushed to cydia yet but you can download it and install it manually. Links are below:

Download Updated Winterboard –

Download Updated Mobile Substrate –

  • Install mobile terminal from cydia
  • download both updates or whatever you like
  • ssh/disk aid or iphone browse the downloaded files to var/mobile/ and set permissions to 777
  • change the file names to something shorter such as mobilesub.deb and winterboard.deb
  • Now open mobile terminal and type exactly what is below with spaces and all

Terminal commands Below:

  1. type the following: su and press return
  2. it will show password so type in: alpine then press return
  3. Type the following: dpkg -i winterboard.deb and press return
  4. Now reboot do not respring and enjoy
  5. do the same process with the other package you want to install. Note: If you changed the name of the packages, type in the name you changed such as winter.deb

enjoy winterboard on your 3gs, and i also want to point out that irealsms works great with landscape on my 3G S


  • pnizzle

    is irealsms cracked?

  • Ath_X64

    No Winterboard Icon shows up.,…

  • vorace

    bonjour jai tous installer mais le theme clavier ne marche pas comment ca se fait

  • Vincent

    will voipover3g be fixed too?
    is this a developer responsibilty from voipover3g or mobilesubstrate?