Winterboard Update



Within the last week Saurik introduced some updates for winterboard. The updates didn’t give us a new user interface which we all wouldn’t mind ;) but it did give us some other cool things such as wallpapers for each page of your springboard.

To make each page of your springboard have a different wallpaper you have to name the wallpaper files in order such as for the first page it would be page0.png and the second page would be page1.png and so on.

So if you want to change some of your theme wallpapers here is how to do it.

  • ssh into your iphone and go to root/library/themes/
  • select the theme you are wanting to change and copy the whole folder to your desktop
  • Now open the folder and you should see the wallpaper the theme has included and other things
  • Now all you have to do is drag any right sized wallpaper into the folder where the other wallpaper is but change the name to page0.png (1st page), page1.png (2nd page), and so on.
  • Now just rename your theme folder to whatever you like so it doesn’t overwrite the original on your iphone
  • SSH back to root/library/themes and copy the modified theme back in there
  • Choose your modified theme from winterboard and enjoy.

Here you go guys i’m sharing some of my most precious wallpapers. I take no credit for making these i just have a large collection and most of these are my favorites. To view the full image right click and choose view image.