Women Found More Likely To Give Their Number to a Man With an iPhone


A new survey has found that women are more likely to give out their phone number to men who have iPhones.

CultofMac reports that a Phones4U survey of 1,500 women found that 54% of them would be more likely to give their digits and date an iPhone owner than a non-iPhone owner and 37% said that owning an iPhone makes a man seem more reliable.

The survey also found that iPhone owners were better groomed, more likely to have a good sense of humor, and better at conversation.

“There’s just something about a man who’s good with computers that makes him more trustworthy,” said Lucy, a 23-year-old primary school teacher from London, in the press release. “If he’s got the cash for an iPhone then he must be very good at his job, too.”

[Via iclarified.com]


  • http://tina-cious.com Tina-cious.com

    But she’s more likely to sleep with an Android user. ;)

    • http://www.jailbreakauthority.com SoSly

      That could be correct but I don’t like those women who sleep with guys just because of their phones. Ill stick to the sophisticated apple women who give their numbers our first then see what goes on from there :)

  • brikz

    Yeah, but at least Andrew finally has a chance…..

  • http://www.jailbreakauthority.com SoSly

    hahahaha yo man i think we need to leave him alone, he rarely comes to visit this place anymore and I think we are part of the reason lmao

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  • N M

    So, I’m wondering what an iPad could do! Size matters, no? :)

    • http://www.jailbreakauthority.com SoSly

      hahahah best joke i’ve heard on the site in months lmao

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  • temp

    This is about money, not the iPhone. It is no different from an expensive watch or other adornments. The iPhone says he will spend money on luxuries.

    That means he has money to spend on luxuries, and implies he would spend money future luxuries.

    You don’t have to be good with computers to buy an iPhone…

    That said, why shouldn’t a girl be more likely to interact with someone who ‘has’ as opposed to someone who ‘has not’.

    Kinda dumb to pick your next date as the guy who only wants something from you and has nothing to offer beyond company (and that commodity is unknown on first contact)

    • http://www.jailbreakauthority.com SoSly

      Yeah i completely agree with you temp, glad I have money ;)

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